The rice is a strategic commodity in the social life of the national economy, given that nearly 95% of Indonesia’s population consumes rice as a principal ingredient and about 21 million households farmer income derived from rice farming. Rice is still one of the basic food commodities for the people of Indonesia and is a strategic commodity for national development. Experience the beginning of the period of development in the country showed that the rice shortage greatly affect the stability of national development. Even today, not only at the national, regional, and domestic but also international level where the visible extent of the impact caused by shortage of food supplies of rice. This Research aims to explain the elasticity of demand of rice in Indonesia and to explain what factors have the most sensitivity High (elasticity) of the demand for rice in Indonesia.

The analytical tool used is multiple linear regression, and partial test equipment using the formula t and simultaneous test using F-test. The results of this research is the regression coefficient of elasticity coefficient Based on the price of corn by the elasticity of – 33 705, the price of rice 8,320, a population of 0.138. and income per capita 0 .004, That is to say that had the highest sensitivity (elasticity) of the demand for rice in Indonesia is the price of corn. While the overall variable indicates that simultaneously affect the demand for rice in Indonesia amounted to 99.9%.

Keywords: elasticity, demand, rice


Zaim Mukaffi

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