The fourth wave is the era of the creative industries, the most important in this era is the growing strength of the idea. That is the reason why most of the current workforce is in the service sector or produce abstract, such as software, news, entertainment, advertising, and others. This study aimed to describe the general description of the ceramic industry subsectors of creative industries, creative industries value chain identify industrial subsectors., Analyzing the most appropriate strategy, knowing the role of three main actors (scholars, business, and government).

Technique Analysis used a SWOT analysis.Results of the study was the value chain in the ceramic industry Dinoyo include the creation, production, distribution and commercialization. All four of the value chain is a business process that exist in the ceramics industry. SWOT analysis techniques indicate the index position in the analysis of the internal factors of + 0.727 and the index of the external position of +0.483.

So that the SWOT diagram that looks at the position located in the first quadrant is the quadrant that leverages the power to the maximum to obtain and seize opportunities. This means that the industry has a great opportunity and can harness its power to obtain a variety of these opportunities. To obtain optimal results in the development of creative industries in the ceramic industry Dinoyo need for collaboration among the main actors at the starting point of the three main actors of this is the commitment of scholars, business and government, coordination between the three actors on an on going basis, and seeking synergies to develop creative industries both financial and non-financial.

Keywords: Creative industry, Value Chain, SWOT

Zaim Mukaffi

Fakultas Ekonomi

Universitas Islam Negeri Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang

Jl. Gajayana No. 50 Malang

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